INVISIBLUS SYNBIOTIC Cross-Protection is as a patented Bio protection Technology as well as a revolution in the human being life to guarantee maximum infection control and protect you as a user from most of varied infections with zero harmful effect on your life and the environment .

In this Technology , the strategy is based on showing some new ways that in comparison with usual cleaning and controlling infection methods , it can work much more effective and capable . This Technology is able to Biologically Fully Protect people, children, buildings, shops & malls, public places, aeroplanes, metros and indoors from infections and infection outbreaks.

You can clean without disinfectants, but you can never disinfect without cleaning .After all, germs can hide in and under dirt which strongly stops the efficiency and capability of disinfectants. Hence , the main goal of INVISIBLUS SYNBIOTIC Cross-Protection Technology is to make and keep all the indoor surfaces and spaces , including your body & your skin , as clean as possible . In addition, the surfaces are equipped by healthy and safe macrobiome with an absolutely minimal risk of germs .



Several clinical studies have shown that even without disinfectants, INVISIBLUS SYNBIOTIC Cross-Protection Technology ensures a great reduction in the risk of germs ( Vandini et al , 2014) , less antibiotic resistance ( Caselli et al , 2016) , fewer infections ( Caselli et al , 2018) and 10,000x lower viral infectivity ( Johnson et al , 2019) . In addition , the Technology is completely safe even for use in hospitals and medical centres , as published by Caselli et al , 2016 in the leading journal , ‘’Journal of Infection Control’’ .

It is appreciated for choosing this technology for protecting you,your family, your staff, your environment & atmosphere around you from infectivities especially Covid-19 . However , for maximum protection , strictly following up the official guidelines & manuals is highly recommended to happily use the facility & demanded products to get the most effects .



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