INVISIBLUS SYNBIOTIC Cross-Protection is as a patented Bio protection Technology as well as a revolution in the human being life to guarantee maximum infection control and to protect you as a user from most of varied infections such as Corona virus variants with zero harmful effect on your life and the environment .

In this Technology , the strategy is based on showing some new ways that in comparison with usual cleaning and controlling infection methods , it can work much more effective and capable . This Technology is able to Biologically Fully Protect people, children, buildings, shops & malls, public places, aeroplanes, metros and indoors from infections and infection outbreaks. [ More ]


INVISIBLUS products are a complete product range that can be applied“Without Extra Effort!” The Technology includes :
1. INVISIBLUS Home & Office Mister is a fully atomizer system that is worked by ultrasonic technology and is based on high tech for protecting the air as well as all surfaces away from allergens , pathogens , viruses , molds & fungi . It is mentioned that this device is surprisingly helpful for controlling & stopping Covid-19 outbreak . It is 99.99% useful for protecting human being from Covid-19 & other respiratory viral infectivities .
2. INVISIBLUS Universal Multipurpose Cleaner & INVISIBLUS Floor Cleaner are included Synbiotic cleaners for applying general cleaning & making a long lasting protective microbiome against pathogenic bacteria , viruses , molds & fungi . They are both completely biofilm remover on all surfaces & both make a long lasting protective layer against Covid-19 which can effectively be useful for stopping as well as controlling Corona virus outbreak .


3. INVISIBLUS Hand Soap is a hand hygiene product for applying ordinary hand hygiene that makes a stable & long lasting protective microbiome on hands & skin. This Synbiotic & Probiotic hand soap makes an invisible protective layer on the hands & skin for several hours .

4. INVISIBLUS Economic Multipurpose Cleaner is an alkaline based cleaner which cleans , degreases & removes effortlessly all dirt , mold & fungi from all washable surfaces . This cleaner is completely biodegradable ,environmentally-friendly & is a completed product for INVISIBLUS SYNBIOTIC CROSS PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY .
5. INVISIBLUS ULTRA AIR is a ready to use multi-purpose cleaner , enriched by SYNBIOTICS so it could be called as a probiotic-detergent . It is suitable for cleaning all types of organic dirt on any surfaces . The action of the product is based on the combination of biosurfactants and probiotics that produces enzymes for a long time . This product protects you 99.99% from Covid-19 & other respiratory viral infectivities .

A combination of INVISIBLUS products as INVISIBLUS SYNBIOTIC CROSS PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY protect people 99.99% from a variety of infections SPECIFICALLY COVID-19

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