Business Empowerment Journey

Our purpose is to create a program that is designed to be a journey of self-discovery that will empower the young generation with tools, understanding, and knowledge to realize their life dreams as expressed in the business world.

There are Six major segments to the program. The Mentoring support is in addition to these classroom based activities.


An instrument that helps the new generation to achieve their Purpose & Goals

You are unique and you have unique talents nobody else has. This is the time to discover them!

Your talents, strengths and all good things are originated from your character. If your character transforms, your life will be transformed too. In the business world, you need to be able to use your character and your talents in the right way in order to achieve your goals. It is your character that has the power to transform your workplace and your nation.

1. Self-Discovery

a. Vision and Dreams
b. Gifts and Talents
c. Personal Development Plan

2. Tools

a. Communication
b. Team Work
c. Decision Making
d. Goal Setting
e. Project Management

3. Cultural Intelligence

a. Multinational relationships

4. Business Development Processes

a. Business Model Development
b. Strategic Planning c.
Product/Service Development
d. Marketing and Sales
e. Technology
f. Legal and Regulatory
g. Organizational Design
h. Operations
i. Investment/Budgeting/Profit & Loss

5. Business Relationships

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6. Leadership

a. Strategic Planning
b. Communications Skills
c. Team building

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